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Brief History

MQDC was founded in 1994 by company name "Town &
Country Development Co.,Ltd.". Founder is Khun Thippaporn
Ahriyavraromp (Chearavanont). The first project in 1994 was
a townhouse project called "Town & Country " with project value
of 350 million Baht in Nong Chok district, Bangkok, Thailand.
In 1997, the company slowdowned the new investment due to
Economic Crisis in Thailand.

MQDC started a new project again in 2006. The Project is
"Magnolias Southern California", located on Bangna-Trad Km.7
Road. With a project value of 1.1 billion Baht, on more than 23
rai of land, Magnolia Southern California comprise of 25 single
Detached houses and 52 units of condominiums. This Project
became the new beginning of property development for MQDC
to this day.